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Cooperation with the automotive industry

Packline roof boxes is simply the perfect combination of form and function. A box that harmonize with the car’s lines. Packline can get any car to increase luggage space without changing the vehicle’s form or function significantly. This is a result of our ongoing cooperation with the automotive industry to produce our roof boxes with the latest design. It is also the result of the fact that we are dealing with one single product – roof boxes – and we have the ambition to make the world’s prettiest, most functional and elegant choice.

The Mother of All Boxes

To succeed with this task, we have developed the most elegant boxes, suitable for both vehicle design and the owner’s lifestyle. We have also developed a range of roof boxes where the storage volume and capacity has been a key, without compromising the aesthetic or aerodynamic values. Simply – a box for every need.

One proof of our success is the fact that Packline produces the world ‘s best-selling fiberglass boxes. And Packline has, for an increasing group of people, become synonymous with the term roof box – The Mother of All Boxes.